First Family of Barbecue

Genuine Barbecue Sauce

The Maull’s Genuine Barbecue Sauce, now known as our “Original” sauce, was first created in St. Louis, Missouri over 70 years ago from Louis Maull’s original family recipe. It is still made exactly the same way today, by the Maull family, with the same unique blend of 20 select ingredients that gives Maull’s its distinctive tangy flavor. We’re proud to share our family recipe, and with well over 100 years “in the kitchen, and around the grill” we’re confident that you’ll love our sauces as much as we do.

We passionately support family meals together.

We feel there’s nothing that brings a family together quite like a delicious meal. From stoking the fire, to preparing the fresh vegetables and meats, enjoying the simple camaraderie of cooking a meal is our family’s favorite way to finish the day together. The faces at the dinner table may have changed, but the traditions haven’t.

Our Mission

Goals & Vision

Here at Maull’s, we pride ourselves on the taste of our signature barbecue sauces. Our mission is to help you make your food go from tasting good to tasting great. We now have a selection of eight sauces, four seasonings, and an ever-growing assortment of fan favorite recipes!


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A Letter From Louis T. Maull IV

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